Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fish pie!

Well, it seems to me that we are a little over-complicated with our food at times!
'The simpler the better' is what I am learning!
But people do have their pre-requisites, habits and their expectations about things... so I hope you will not harshly judge my humble and very very simple but very tasty fish pie!!

This is TGF safe if you omit the beans.

I simply do the following:

Fresh or frozen wild white fish
onions, preferably red.
White beans/ kidney beans or any veg you can have, in chunks (I have done it with cubes of courgette before...peppers or aubergines maybe? I am off nightshade personally! Have also done it with olives- surprisingly good!)

Slow fry the fish gently, breaking it up as it cooks and flakes naturally. Season well and add onions a few minutes before the end. I use the lid to sweat it for the last few mins. Take off heat when cooked and add fresh herbs as desired. I normally just use parsley or coriander. I then stir in some drained and rinsed white beans or kidney beans or green beans...or whatever you fancy. I have also added tuna or salmon from a tin to it before just to bulk it out (not very glamorous, I know, but easy and it worked a treat!)

2 medium to large sweet potatoes
olive oil
sea salt

Boil or steam in large chunks until soft. Mash with olive oil and sea salt. Leave aside.

2 Leeks,
olive oil,
fresh nutmeg,
salt + pepper

Cook the leeks in a heavy bottomed pan, in olive oil with freshly grated nutmeg and black pepper and the lid on. Cook, shaking or stirring occasionally, until soft and deliciously melty, mmmm.........  :p

In a large oven dish (I use an ex-terrine, deep dish) put the first layer in the bottom: leeks!
Then the fish, onion and bean or veg mix.
Then spread over the mashed sweet potato! I fluff it with a fork to get crispy bits on top! I also sometimes sprinkle over ground linseed with a drizzle of oil, or slightly oiled whole pumpkin seeds.

It is all cooked, so I just put it in the oven until hot through - depends how freshly put together it is - but generally it has cooled quite a bit by then for me, as I make it in a million stages - so I put it in the oven for about 20 or so minutes, until the potato starts to colour a bit round the edges...

Et voila! It really isn't dry, I promise! It's succulent, sweet, herby, spicy and tasty - all at once! Tweak it to please yourself - add in your preferred ingredients. But it's dead simple and even easier if, like me, you do it in stages whenever you get a few minutes here and there in the day...

Will come back to add a picture if I ever take one before gobbling it all up!

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