Thursday, February 7, 2013


Thought a useful post would be about what cosmetics to use. It's a minefield out there! Everything is poisonous and I have such a hard time just trying to find the odd product that won't make me ill and will at least keep me clean and presentable to a bare minimum!!

Here are the products I use. I am OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTIONS!!! Please SHARE your recommendations - chemical free of course!!

Just PURE white clay for gentle cleansing. Simply rub the bar of clay onto wet skin,
massage and then  rinse away thoroughly. Feels so good :)

 I use the following:
White Clay bar - above.

Yaoh Hemp Shampoo. This still contains tocopherol (show me a shampoo that doesn't!!!!) and citric acid - probably both corn-derived *sigh* but it is the purest shampoo that actually leaves your hair feeling clean and soft, that I have found.

Oliva soap - this is all I use for washing my face - I am someone who has always had a terrible complexion - until I knocked chemical cosmetic use on the head and stopped eating allergens! Now my skin is better than ever!!! I sometimes use the witch hazel below after a good facial scrub. 

As deodorant, I have no choice other than to simply use an Alan Stone. You just have to wash partway through your day and re-apply (it won't keep you stink-free for 24 hours unlike all the other bizarre and poisonous underarm products!) but it's not bad - particularly when your body is not having to throw out toxins through your sweat constantly!! I find my sweat smells less and less by cutting out allergens :)

For my teeth, I use this Meswak toothpaste - it's organic, it tastes GOOD (!!!) and it WORKS!!! Hallelujah! Took a while to find this, I can tell you. I buy it locally so cannot advise on suppliers!
I mouthwash with Tea Tree oil - Two drops in a little water and swish around for about 30 seconds (if you can stand it!) Keeps Candida at bay.
So there you have it - this is my extensive cleansing regime lol!!

And I occasionally use a clay mask - 100% pink clay. Has an instant effect on my complexion, love it... 

I am a new customer to Bare Minerals Make-up - it has been recommended to me, and although quite pricey, it is worth it for the quality and the knowledge that it is not FULL of crap!! It is made with: Bismuth oxychloride, titanium dioxide, Iron oxides and Mica. So although it is pure and natural, I wouldn't plaster it on everyday of my life!
There :)

As I said, ANY recommendations appreciated but here are my conditions:
Chemical free,
citrus free, (a real problem in natural cosmetics!!)
corn and grain free,
nut free (no almond oil! ANother v difficult one to avoid!)
preferably sunflower oil free
coconut free

(good luck finding ANYTHING without the above in! But feel free to try!!)

Meswak toothpaste blurb: (it's indian and really cute!)
"Imagine a toothpaste that's a rare combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, containing a natural herbal ingredient recommended in renowned ancient scriptures and providing 70 different health benefits for the entire body. Imagine a toothpaste that  is scientifically  proven to help strengthen gums, prevent tooth decay, eliminate bad breath and ensure strong teeth all at once. There is only one such toothpaste in the world - and you're holding it right now!"

Calcium carbonate, sorbitol, aqua, silica, sodium lauyol glutamate, parfum, carragheenam, salvadora persica, sodium hydroxide, eugenol.

I don't know about all these ingredients but it was certainly the best I could find compared to all the other toothpaste I've looked at! (BLOODY LIMONENE in EvERYTHing!!!!!) and I seem to be ok with it :) admittedly, "parfum" is a bit vague for a start...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pumpkin Seed Butter!! 'Av it!!!!!

YES! I have finally made some pumpkin seed butter! Raw seed butter. I will also experiment with roasted, must also be delicious!
It's great and very easy to make if you have a way of grinding seed.

Raw Pumpkin seeds
Sea salt
Olive oil or grape seed oil.

I simply ground some organic pumpkin seed, into what we call fluff (flour!), added fine sea salt, then put this flour into my food processor (it was only a small amount so I was quite convinced it would not work!).... I made a judgement call based on common sense only (I am wholly inexperienced with food processors etc!) and put in the "emulsifying disk" (used to whip-up mayonnaise and the like apparently). Bottle of olive oil at the ready, I switched it on and drizzled away until it reached the desired consistency. Et VOILA! It was dead easy and dead quick :) Success!
Here is my peanut butter .... er, I mean pumpkin seed butter (!) in pictures!
My advice is: make sure you add enough salt! Also, if you can have natural sugars, I would say it would be all the more delicious with a bit of honey/agave/sweet freedom! The amount of oil you use depends on the consistency you would like - you could make it creamier and softer than I did if you prefer...
Déguste and enjoy!