Arts and Crafts log!

Here you will find some of the little crafty bits I make - for our own amusement, for the English craft workshops I do (in France) and for gifts and occasions. I also have a little online shop  where I sell the odd bit of jewellery! (pictures and link below. The shop is in France - so anyone interested elsewhere can contact me through here)
This has nothing to do with Leaky Gut Syndrome (Thank God! It's a hard illness to forget about!!) other than the fact that in my opinion, a little artistic outlet is good for anyone especially if you are trying to heal your weary body without western medicine! Luckily, I now have two perfect excuses to make lots of silly little objects - my two year-old and my classes of little children - YAY! I can PLAY!!

Lots of these ideas are some sort of adaptatoin of something I've seen or inspiration I have found elsewhere on the web. And lots are just the result of playing about with bits and bobs! If there is anything I found directly online and still know where the idea came from, I will provide the link and give credit! (all you lovely creative, inspiring people out there!!)

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