Monday, October 29, 2012

Roasted Butternut seeds!

Something I CAN eat, woo!
mmm... crunchy nutty sweet yum

I am not managing to post often - partly lack of time - partly don't know where to start as my diet keeps getting more and more restrictive! This blog will have to serve as occasional inspiration for vegetable combos!!
Anyway, today I was roasting some butternut squash slices - and decided to keep the seeds and roast them at the same time -WOW! Why have I never done this before?! 

lightly seasoned

Scoop out butternut innards, if comes away easily from flesh, just give them a rinse then spread out onto kitchen roll... any stringy bits of flesh will stay behind on the tissue when you transfer them onto another piece of kitchen roll. If they are more sticky and gloopy, put in a bowl of water and swish about/ rub with fingers to work flesh loose then drain and do as above to get off last bits and dry.

Then, I believe you can just roast them dry - but keep a close eye on them as they scorch easily.
I coated mine very lightly in olive oil. Half of them I sprinkled cinnamon onto. The other half, I seasoned very slightly in sea salt and pepper....

 The reults are delicious! Roasted them for about 12 mins, maybe 15... tossed them halfway through.
For some reason, the lightly seasoned ones taste of popcorn! And the cinnamon ones don't really taste of cinnamon but it gives them a sweet side that makes them taste nuttier - and seeing as I no longer eat nuts, this now tastes positively tropical to me lol!! ;D (My nearly two year old loves them too btw - RESULT!)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Link to Ghislaine Lanctot's Book "Medical Mafia"

This is a link to a copy of Ghislaine Lanctot's book The Medical Mafia ('How to get out of it alive and take back our health and wealth')
It looks to be a good read... it has been re-published in 2002. This poor lady has been made to pay just for relaying information to the masses!

Buckwheat Flapjacks

160g Buckwheat flakes (rolled)
80g raisins
As much dried fruit as you like (I use a palmful of goji berries, sultanas, 2 or 3 apricots, maybe a couple of prunes, you could use mulberries, cranberries...etc)
Fresh berries if you have any (a few strawberries)
2 tspns sweetner (sweet freeedom or agave syrop)
A big lug of apple juice (use less if you use fresh fruit)
A palmful of pumkin seeds
Chia seeds
Lin (flax) seeds
(Any other seeds or nuts according to your tastes/ allergies!)
Olive oil (about a quarter cup)
pinch of salt

Mix it all together! I don't mix this one, so you may want to pre-chop the fruit!

Spread onto greaseproof paper on a baking tray and cook on a low heat for about 10 mins or so (preheat the oven for a few mins) then turn over by putting another sheet of greaseproof paper over the top and flipping it. Then peel off the original paper from the top side and cook in th eoven again for 3 or 4 minutes for a nice even colour and texture. Voila!

This recipe is not recommended as totally TGF Barrier Plan safe - as buckwheat is almost always cross-contaminated apparently (most 'gluten free' companies still process foods containing rice, oats, millet and corn - and are therefore NOT GLUTEN FREE!)