My Story ( abridged! ;D )

Following the birth of my son (2010), I very suddenly developed a severe inflammatory arthritic condition...which is actually secondary to a gut problem known as Leaky gut Syndrome (LGS) a very common problem, fast becoming more and more to light in the medical world –and amongst sufferers who are desperately seeking help! It is basically a result of our modern lives and diets –and is affecting even those who eat healthily with no processed food…the main offenders are grains!So many factors can unite to obliterate a once healthy gut -the hub of health in our bodies!
This blog came into existence with a view to sharing information, tips and ideas. Having benefitted so much from other allergy stricken people's ideas and tips (largely on blogs) I hope I can return the favour to anyone else out there who is feeling lost and can't find help or inspiration. Any info I can share could help someone else...and I'd also be grateful for anyone offering me advice or ideas!
Read my 2nd post to find a full list of my allergies! (I'm just off to update that bit - the list has got shorter, doh!)
ALL recipes or meal ideas are free from gluten,grains,dairy,egg,meat,veg oil,nuts,soja, coconut,nightshade veg and citrus fruit...and a few other things!

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