Monday, November 19, 2012

Breeeeeaaaad! (well, near as dammit!) Focaccia actually!

God bless people who share online!
I am a regular follower of Micki Rose's Truly Gluten Free (TGF) blog - recently, she pointed me in the direction of some recipes she shared when she had a guest spot on Foods Matter. I had mentioned wanting to use linseed (flax seed) flour and as I have been tentatively experimenting with eating egg, I thought I'd give it a whirl! Here's a link to the recipe... my modifications are below...

I did less mixture so adjusted ratios accordingly. I also had no baking powder, so used bicarbonate instead, adding a dash of vinegar to the mixture to activate it. It worked a treat - light and fluffy bread and no taste of vinegar! I sprinkled chopped rosemary and sea salt on mine.
I also made less mixture so couldn't do it in a tray - I made little buns instead!
This is the first time I have eaten anything ressembling bread in over 18 months!! WOOOHOOOOO! Thank you to Micki - and to 'Chrissie' who apparently originally shared the recipe on Micki's blog!
I have eaten mine with oven cooked veggies and with tapenade so far! Y.U.M!