Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lentil and Azuki Galettes (savoury)

Raw mixture in the pan and already browned in olive oil (sorry for bad pic!)

1 cup (dry) coral lentils (red lentils)
1/2 cup (80g) Azuki flakes (rolled whatever - oats if you eat them/ rolled quinoa is an option)
Palmful chia seeds
1 ladel Pancake Batter
2 cloves garlic, chopped finely or crushed
1 inch fresh ginger
1/2 courgette, grated
1 large shallot, chopped very finely
lots of mint (fresh or dry)
Olive oil / grapeseed oil
sea salt and pepper

Cook lentils for 15 mins (until soft). Drain.
Mix with lentils and Azuki (or other) flakes and season well with sea salt and black pepper.
Add all other ingredients, including some oil, maybe a splash of water.
Leave to stand... I do this so it sticks together better (the flakes will absorb some juices and mulch up with the rest better) and so the flavours can develop.
Cook as burgers (or patties). I fried mine in hot oil to start, to make them brown and crisp, then put them into the oven to finish the cooking gently- I like them drier and Azuki is nicer when cooked through gently.

These are so so satisfying, texture is everything in this diet of fruit and veg! They are also very tasty!

You can make a big batch of this and keeep the mixture a day or two in the fridge for quick meals. (My baby boy loves these too - just  one patty with veg or quinoa usually fills him up nicely!)

What I CAN eat!

I CAN eat:

All other vegetables as far as I know! (Except sweetcorn and aforementioned nightshade veg)
Fruit (but not citrus or pineapple)
Lentils and beans, chick peas, split peas etc
Olive oil, grapeseed oil
Oily fish
Seeds like sesame, pumpkin, lin(flax), chia etc (Not Sunflower)
cocoa without added sugar
agave syrop

Some poor people are also fructose intolerant - I can't even imagine... I limit fruit and fructose intake because it's effectively like having too much sugar but I tolerate fruit well. THANK GOODNESS! ;D


1 lot of pastry
Carrots (2 small/ 1 large)
Onion/ spring onions
1/2 parsnip
tbspn mustard
splash of water
tspn tahini (optional)
herbs/ spices (optional) I like to use curry spices/curcuma or oregano or any fresh herbs)

Chop veggies up small.
Roll out pastry, thinly (I do this directly onto greaseproof paper). Cut into oval shapes. Mix all above ingredients together in a little bowl.
Spoon filling onto one half of pastry and moisten front edge with juices/ water. Fold over, stick together by pressing down with fingertips (some people use a fork for this).
Lift greaseproof paper and pasties onto oven tray...
Cut cross shaped hole in top to let steam escape when cooking.
Cook in preheated oven, hot for 15 or 20 mins.
Let cool before eating!
These are so simple and SO delicious and satisfying!

You can obviously put what you want in it! Above is my most usual filling but depends on the season....Add seeds, do it with leeks, kale, different herbs or spices, make a sweet pastry and fill it with fruit, compote or jam for a type of apple turnover style thing.....EXPERIMENT! Don't get bored and stuck in a rut!


So here is how I make pastry - this has tranformed my life because it is actually very nice and gives me the feeling that I have eaten something other than water-based food!

½ cups Buckwheat flour (or a combo of B/wheat -½ cup- and Chickpea 1/4 cup)
1 tspn salt
1/4 cup olive oil / grapeseed oil

Seive flour (actually, I never bother! But if you use chickpea flour- seive it!)
Add enough oil to make breadcrumbs (must be moist enough to stick together, as no gluten)
Add water to bring together into a ball.
Wrap in clingfilm, put into the fridge and use when ready....
or, roll out onto greaseproof paper and use straight away.

I use this to make tarts (like courgette and celeriac, mmmm!), pasties (carrot, parsnip and onion, deeeeelish!) and crumbles....

For sweet pastry, add a tablespoon of agave syrop. You can make mini jam tarts with sugar free jam, yay!

Sometimes this pastry is a dream to work with - and sometimes I can't roll it out (must depend on the moon!) in which case I use it to make a crumble instead!