Friday, February 1, 2013

Pumpkin Seed Butter!! 'Av it!!!!!

YES! I have finally made some pumpkin seed butter! Raw seed butter. I will also experiment with roasted, must also be delicious!
It's great and very easy to make if you have a way of grinding seed.

Raw Pumpkin seeds
Sea salt
Olive oil or grape seed oil.

I simply ground some organic pumpkin seed, into what we call fluff (flour!), added fine sea salt, then put this flour into my food processor (it was only a small amount so I was quite convinced it would not work!).... I made a judgement call based on common sense only (I am wholly inexperienced with food processors etc!) and put in the "emulsifying disk" (used to whip-up mayonnaise and the like apparently). Bottle of olive oil at the ready, I switched it on and drizzled away until it reached the desired consistency. Et VOILA! It was dead easy and dead quick :) Success!
Here is my peanut butter .... er, I mean pumpkin seed butter (!) in pictures!
My advice is: make sure you add enough salt! Also, if you can have natural sugars, I would say it would be all the more delicious with a bit of honey/agave/sweet freedom! The amount of oil you use depends on the consistency you would like - you could make it creamier and softer than I did if you prefer...
Déguste and enjoy!

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  1. As an update: might just point out that I NEVEr do this is the food processor anymore- no neeeeed! Just mix the flour with a spreading knife as you pour in the oil - turns into a paste in less than 30 secs. EASY AS PIE! :D woo!


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